Last Tuesday was the last day of our class. Usually, I’m feeling relieved by then, but this time it was different. I met some wonderful classmates and a great teacher who really helped me. Not only that, the deadlines really disciplined me to write everyday. I was afraid that once the class ended, I wouldn’t keep up with my writing. 

It happened somewhat. I missed a couple of days of writing, and when I tried to write, I couldn’t even make a sentence. Oh, sure. I’d write a sentence. Cross it out. Rewrite it. Cross it out again. I got really frustrated because I felt like I couldn’t do it without class deadlines. Of course, I knew that I can’t depend on class deadlines for the rest of my writing life. I had to get out of my funk. 

T, I woke up at 2:00 am. After thirty minutes, I gave up. I made some coffee, took out my notebook, and started writing. By some miracle, the words just flowed right out my pen. By 7:00 am, I wrote 8 pages. I stopped because I was getting sleepy. 

I don’t know how exactly I got back on track, but at least I’m out of limbo. For now.