My writing days are moody. Some days words rush out like a bullet train. Sometimes words roll out smoothly – not too fast and not too slow. Then here are days when I’m trying to pull the words to get on that paper, and sometimes I have to pull hard.

Up until yesterday, I haven’t worked on any fiction stories.  I haven’t even touched the novel I began from NaNoWriMo since November. The holidays and my full-time job really ate my time late last year. By January, I was trying to put some air and revive my old blog, A Reading Collection.

Last Friday after finishing a long week at work and recovering from a 20 hour shift, I realized that it was already the 3rd week of February. I still hadn’t written anything. Guilt began to seep in. I knew I had to write about something. Anything. So I whipped out my journal and scribbled how guilty I felt and moved on. Yes, moved on. I realized that self-pity wasn’t going to help me. I took out one of my writing notebooks which I called and labeled, “Never Have a Writer’s Block Notebook” along with The Writer’s Idea Book by Jack Heffron.

I love The Writer’s Idea Book. This book has over 500 prompts that has jump started my writing. It’s my savior. At first, I felt awkward putting the words down, but by Sunday, it was a bullet train day. I’m also proud to say that yesterday I began to work on a new short story. I’m not worried if the story is crap because I can always fix that.  I was just glad – relieved – that I got back on track.

Although I can’t promise myself that I will keep my writing schedule consistent, I know I will try to get back to it like I always do.