Meet the Carterets, a wealthy family who seemed so perfect until Pony, the youngest daughter, was killed in a drowning accident. Or was it really an accident? William Carteret, the eldest and only son, believed that his favorite sister was murdered. Later, he discovers another shocking secret in the family that will change their lives forever. 
The Perfect Family was just okay for me. The plot was solid. I liked how it was part mystery and part literary fiction  at the same time. I loved the how the author described the settings – whether it was in Vermont or in Idaho. However, I failed to connect with the main character – William. For reasons I can’t say and because I’ll ruin  the suspense, I thought he was an ungrateful jerk. I thought the other minor characters were more interesting – particularly Mira – the middle sister.
I enjoyed this book. Readers who enjoy mysteries may appreciate it.